Coding Blocks brings to you an exciting two-days bootcamp where you will learn how to get involved in open source organizations and to make industry grade applications. It will be an extremely informative and interactive bootcamp and will help you to get up and running for working with open source organizations like RedHat, Linux, Fedora and more from the comfort of your dorm.

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Deep peek

Open source with its pros and cons, with tips on how to approach open source organizations

Issues Management

Requesting, creating, getting assigned, closing issues on GitHub. Binding issue to pull request on GitHub

GitHub and Integrations

Git command line instructions, GitHub pull requests, Circle CI integration

Bonus Content

Contributing with JBoss Community, Learn to hands on a GSoC idea by sampling on last 3 years JBoss Community GSoC Ideas.


(2 lectures)

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Course Schedule

CenterStart DateEnd DateDay & TimeBatch Type
NoidaJan 19Jan 20Sat, Sun (03:00 PM - 07:00 PM)Evening



Anuj Garg
Anuj Garg
Anuj Garg
Anuj Garg

Anuj is an open-source enthusiast and a GSoC mentor and admin with JBoss Community under the RedHat Foundation. He has worked in the core teams of various products by RedHat and is an expert in Enterprise Java and web services. He will also be administrating in GSoC'19 under the umbrella of JBoss for Servers and IoT monitoring.


(Drop a line at admissions@codingblocks.com if you have further queries)

  • Who should do this bootcamp?

    Whoever is interested with getting industry level software development expose and want to participate in open source events like GSoC, Outreachy and RGSoC

  • Will this bootcamp help if I already do development?

    Yes, absolutely. There is a lot more to learn in the bootcamp. You will get familiar with development in team and manage issues and features more effectively.

  • What are the pre-requisites for this bootcamp?

    Any one who have some programming fundamentals or development skillset.

  • Can I start my own open source project after bootcamp?

    This course will help you become smarter in approaching open source projects, as well as about starting your own projects in OSS realm.

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